Georg S. Leitgeb

As a Boy of 8, I used to draw playful blueprints of secret hideouts, ancient temples, gritty pirate fortresses or sunken shipwrecks, which I then brought to life by using my Lego stones and Lego figures…
Now, 27 years later, I find myself as a trained Writer-Director with a background in Design, still doing the very same thing. But now, those Lego stones surprisingly have transformed into studio constructions and the Lego figures magically have turned into real life actors…
G.S. Leitgeb is an Austrian Writer-Director specialising in the Genres Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery and Horror. Somewhere along the line of Guillermo Del Toro’s ‚Shape of Water‘, JJ. Abram’s ‚Lost‘, Tim Burton’s ‚Sleepy Hollow‘ and Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, you can find G.S. Leitgeb’s vision of a playful nostalgic Fantasy Adventure, that offers quirky Characters, cartoonish Slapstick and suspensful Mystery.

In combining Writing-, Design- and Directing, G.S. Leitgeb creates English- and German-speaking Genre Entertainment. As founder of ‚KTC®‘, a Creative Trademark for Genre Storytelling, he runs a shared narrative Universe by collaborating with a team of international Creatives.

He like to read Pulp Magazines from the 60s, collects old Package Designs from the 30s, used to play guitar in a 70s Ramones-Punk Band and worked as a DJ in Vienna’s Indie Club Scene during the first decade of the 21st century.

Georg S. Leitgeb lives and works in Wien.

Three Favorite Series are:
Stranger Things | Mad Men | Peaky Blinders

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